Why you need the NSK Ti-Max Handpiece Range!

Why you need the NSK Ti-Max Handpiece Range!
September 18, 2018 Vividus Admin

When it comes to handpieces, any good dentist is only as good as the tools of their trade. And if you are looking for sturdy, precisely engineered and long-lasting dental handpieces, then you cannot match the NSK Ti-Max handpiece range. As a world-leading dental tool producer focusing on innovation and progress, it is no doubt why NSK is so loved by Australian dentists.

From small beginnings to globally-recognised leader in dental tools

Started in 1930 in the back of his house, engineer Keiichi Nakanishi was passionate about the concept of micro-engineering. He believed it was the smallest details in a tool that made it work, so he set about hand making all his high-performance dental handpieces. As the developer of Japan’s first dental rotary handpiece, Keiichi became a well-respected engineer in Japan but continued to personally deliver his products to local clients.

It is this commitment to the finest detail and to customer service which has lead NSK to become a globally-recognised producer of dental handpieces. Over eight decades later, NSK is now run by Keiichi’s grandson, Eiichi. With over 90% in-house production and a stringent inspection process, NSK is known and praised for its commitment to accurate and high-precision tools. And with excellent customer service, as well as a continued commitment to seeking customer feedback, it is clear why NSK is the global leader in dental handpiece production.

Why You Need The NSK Ti-Max Handpiece Range

Precision and accuracy

In each step of the production process, NSK has complex and detailed inspection processes to make sure each high-performance dental handpiece is kept to an incredibly high standard. This process begins in the design phase, with each model needing at least 18 months before it is allowed to be released on the market.

Using 151 state-of-the-art production computers and over 800 highly-trained staff, no NSK handpiece has ever failed the final inspection test. It is this commitment to precision and accuracy that ensures the best quality dental handpieces for your dental practice.

Excellent customer service

NSK’s commitment to high-quality dental handpieces, the most important tool of your trade, doesn’t stop once it leaves the production line. Once a dentist has purchased an NSK handpiece, like the Ti-Max range, NSK assures a strong after-sales service. NSK also aims to continuously improve their service by asking for detailed customer feedback. All of this leads to a high-quality product and service for dental professionals.

Why You Need The NSK Ti-Max Handpiece Range

Buy them now!

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